Savurmalı tip Turbo granülator
Swing type Turbo Granulator

It is not possible to control the grain size in tray type granulators and granulators in the form of anchor type cylindrical tambour which are the most known granulation techniques. The average size of the granules exceeds 10-15 mm at the outlet.

Maximum 20-30% of the material coming out of this type of granulators is between 2-4 mm. After sieving the remaining coarse materials, they are thrown into the mill and milled and fed back into the granulator.

Furthermore, in order to be able to grind these large granules which emit moist from the granulator, they must first be dried by passing through the oven or otherwise cannot be grinded and will adhere to the mill walls.

These recyclable processes, which are repeated from scratch, cause huge cost and time losses.

In DRY GRANULATION systems that we manufacture and install by our company, none of these disadvantages exist.


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